terça-feira, 5 de maio de 2015

Exercise - VTB Past Simple

Agora sim vamos ao nosso exercício guys! O gabarito será postado às 18:30.


Complete as frases utilizando a forma correta do verbo To be no passado simples.

  1. I (was/were) ______ at school in the morning.
  2. Where (was/were) ______ you?
  3. She (wasn't/weren't) ______ very well yesterday.
  4. (Wasn't/Weren't) ______ they tired after the soccer game?
Relacione a segunda coluna de acordo com a primeira.
  1. Why weren't you at home last night?             (    ) No, he wasn't. He was early.
  2. Wasn't she with her boyfriend?                      (    ) Yes, they were. They were in the mall.
  3. Was he late for class?                                    (    ) Because I was in the costume party.
  4. Were they downtown yesterday?                   (    ) No, she wasn't. She was in the library.

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